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Rocket, Pixel & Sushi – our three Bengals. Pixel & Sushi are our first kitties, sisters from the same litter (there were three boys too). Rocket we found a few years later, living on a farm with several other Bengals.

Full Name: Springmeadow Hot Rocket (Rocket for short!)
Nickname: Norman
Type: Snow Seal Spotted Lynx Point Bengal
Birthday: 21st March 2014
Size: Large
Weight: 5.3 kg

Rocket – Click for full size photo

Ham, shouting & acrobatics with a dose of foil scrunchy toys.

Being chased by Sushi and left inside when the other two are sunning it in the garden.

Rocket is the youngest and newest member to the household and although only 5.5 years old (in Oct 19), he is already a lot bigger and stands over the two sisters with his big hind legs and massive vertical tail.

He is a very curious, adventurous & fearless little chap and throws himself into anything and everything, often finding himself scrambling for safety after misjudging distances and spaces. He is still a little bit clumsy, forgoing elegance in favour of the goal of getting there.

From 2016: “As a young Bengal he is still discovering his voice and has only just started to trill and experiment with different tones and pitches. We are finally hearing him start to vary his calls and meows and we are looking forward to seeing what his full vocabulary will consist of.”
2019: VERY LOUD!

Aside from his beautiful markings and clear blue eyes, the other thing that makes him stand out from Pixel & Sushi is his purring. The sisters have a barely audible purr but you can’t miss Rocket’s and he will often start vibrating before you’ve even touched him.

Full Name: Pixel
Nickname: Pickle
Type: Brown Rosetted Bengal
Birthday: 2nd November 2012
Size: Medium
Weight: 4.4 kg

Pixel – Click for full size photo

Poppadoms, sunbathing outside, wrestling with Sushi, head bunting & talking (we have more human conversations with our Pixel).

Pixel is by far the most easy going and patient of the three fluffs.

Happy to go along with anything and everything Pixel enjoys being fussed, cradled and standing on shoulders. She flops over and adores belly rubs. She has a mean head bunting headbutt! She’s very gentle during play unlike Rocket who will pounce on wiggling fingers & toes with claws extended.

Vocally she has the lowest meow and in times of distress or frustration it goes much lower (which is handy for locating her when she decides to jump out of a window, panics and tries to get back in). Her trills are very unique and unlike any we have heard before. She chatters the most when a bird/butterfly/fly is spotted..   anything she wouldn’t mind chasing. We often have long back-and-forth conversations with our Pixel and you can see this in many of our videos here on the website and on our YouTube channel.

Full Name: Sushi
Nickname: Soupy/Soups
Type: Brown Rosetted Bengal
Birthday: 2nd November 2012
Size: Small
Weight: 4.1 kg

Sushi – Click for full size photo

Attention, sleeping on humans at night, hind leg high-fives, giving Rocket a hard time, sprinting up the floor-to-ceiling cat pole and generally being a diva.

Being cold and wet, picked up & fussed (unless on her terms), taking tablets (it ruins everyone’s day) and being shut out of rooms when you’re getting dressed or in the bathroom.

Sushi is the smallest and bossiest of the three. She is usually the one whipping Rocket into shape (chasing him around the house) or shouting at you for ignoring her – her meows have a definite air of accusation. She isn’t that fussed about non-cat food (chicken and other meats are wasted on her) and other treats such as ham or cheese are sniffed at and given the cold shoulder.

She loves attention and is very much like a little dog, following you around the house. She loves to play but sits back when Rocket is joining in as she is wary of his boisterous nature. Her favourite things to play with are the cat tents and many times you will find her doing a mad dash from one to another trilling and chirruping to herself excitedly. Often when you forget she’s in there she will pounce on your feet as you walk by!

Sushi’s meow is the highest, usually demanding attention or someone to converse with. She trills the most and loves exercising her lungs at the bottom of the stairs at 6am.

Full Name: Dan
Nickname: Mouse (No joke on this)
Type: Humanoid
Birthday: Every year
Age: Young enough to not have gone grey but old enough to not want it broadcast.
Size: Short, slim and muscular
Weight: Not much more than the cats

Reading with Pixel

Cats! Curry, massages and the occasional pint of Devils Backbone.

Retrieving Rocket from next doors garden. Giving Sushi her quarterly worming tablet. Having to put the carpet back on the stairs after Pixel has ‘helpfully’ removed it.

About Dan:
He’s the guy behind the camera and the creator of the Hot Rocket Bengal Cats YouTube channel. Like Sushi he doesn’t like being left out and rained on but like Rocket he is always eating. He also enjoys his morning head bunts with Pixel as much as she does. He can’t trill and thankfully (as far as I am aware) he has never tried.

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