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Bengals – did you know?

Wild Genes – You can forgive people for calling them tigers (based on their name) as Bengal cats originate from the breeding of domestic cats with Asian Leopard Cats. The aim was to breed a healthy and confident cat while retaining their vivid markings and a high contrast coat. These are the F1-F3 numbers that you may have seen. Beyond four generations of breeding from the original mating the cat will likely be of a more gentle and domesticated temperament (F4+).

Asian Leopard Cat
The Asian Leopard Cat

All about the showbiz
– Bengal cats generally need attention & entertainment to keep them occupied. If they aren’t then you might find they direct their attention to playing with things in your home instead! That fancy plush wallpaper you have? It might soon have claw streaks. Wooden tables and door frames are particularly attractive but there are many ways to avoid this and not all Bengals have a glaring disrespect for your lovely household items.

Rock lamp
Someone managed to pull over a 20kg salt rock lamp…

Parkour kitty
– Bengal cats can jump up to three times their height and if you combine that with an insatiable curiosity, any space or platform is fair game and the Bengal will surely overcome any obstacles. Our Rocket for example, is the resident escape artist in the house and has to be watched more closely than Pixel & Sushi.

Sushi pole
Sushi launching from the cat pole

Clever Cats
– Because of their constant want for attention and high intelligence, it is easy to train the Bengal to perform tasks & tricks, usually with the aid of a clicker device. Our Pixel is particularly adept at hooking open shut doors, even the stiff ones!

Pixel brush
Pixel loves her dusting brush!

– Bengals tend to like water, to the extent that they will happily sit in the rain, play in the sink and maybe even the bath or shower. Saying that, none of our Bengals are particularly fond of water although I did used to introduce Pixel to the shower when she was younger, cradling her in my arms :)

Pixel drinking from the upstairs bathroom
Pixel drinking from the upstairs bathroom

Cat Burglars
– Keep a close eye on all pens, lip balms, batteries, laces, paper, leads, belts….you get the idea. The Bengal cat is an expert at thievery and will yoink anything that isn’t pinned down (and even then they will give it a good try!). Christmas and birthday decorations don’t tend to last long here before being dragged off to be forever lost under cupboards and couches…

All that glitters…  one of the key physical attributes that Bengal cats are known for is the quality of their coats. As well as being silky smooth with highly distinctive markings, the hairs of the fur are often hollow and reflect light differently. For a brown cat this will mean glittery gold highlights and for a snow Bengal it will be crystal white.

Hello golden face

Twittering and trilling
– Bengal cats are exceptionally vocal and you can expect hours of fun conversing with them. They can be loud with many variations of volume, trills, yowls, chirruping, twittering, meows and huffs.  This does however extend to all waking hours so be warned, you may find your cat singing its heart out at the bottom of the stairs at 3:00am.

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