Welcome to Hot Rocket Bengal Cats!

Welcome to HRBC! We are all about our cat videos and YouTube is our home. You can watch our crazy Bengal kitty productions HERE :)

This website is joined by our Facebook, Twitter & Instagram account. Follow us to see photos, videos and the exploits of our three Bengal kitties – Rocket, Pixel & Sushi.

Our content follows the mischief and mayhem of our three young Bengal cats Pixel, Rocket and Sushi. The name Hot Rocket Bengal Cats is based on Rocket’s full name, Springmeadow Hot Rocket, which originates from the name of his breeders, the Springmeadow Bengals (UK).

Bengal caPaw-print-final-01ts are known for their friendly, playful nature and our pages invite you to follow and share in the adventures of our three beloved Bengals. I have had plenty of fun selecting the content and creating these videos so I really hope you enjoy watching them as much as I enjoyed making them.

So where are the three culprits? I think they are currently sleeping upstairs after a food feast. Actually they’d probably be sleeping even if they hadn’t eaten. Or wrestling.

Rocket, Pixel & Sushi – click for full size photo
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