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So we somehow managed to accumulate 2TB of video footage in 8 years! It’s a mission in itself categorising it all but here are some of the fruits of our labours.

Our main site is the Hot Rocket Bengal Cats YouTube Channel and the videos listed here will send you to the page directly. The videos range from slow motion wrestling to kittens in heat and to our most popular type – the talking Bengals! If you like what you see please Subscribe and you will receive an email every time we post a new video.

So, without further ado…

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Our official intro/advert for HRBC.

Record date – 1 August 2015 –

The HRBC intro advert

Trills and Tails! Bengal cat Sushi chases her tail on the high shelf

Sushi has fun with her own tail while climbing her new high-rise shelf. After building 3 large climbing frames for our house, Sushi treats us to a mad episode of tail chasing and trilling. I’m not sure why it has taken her 8 years to discover her own tail but it seems to be amusing her. It’s certainly amusing us! I didn’t happen to be filming at the time but at one point she became so animated that she actually fell off the shelf, oops

Record date – 26th Feb 2021 –

Trills and Tails! Bengal cat Sushi chases her tail on the high shelf

Naughty & Nice – Funny Bengal cats climbing, eating things & causing trouble

Angels & monsters, cute, cuddly and certainly destructive! Rocket, Pixel & Sushi return after a long break but they’ve been busy breaking and eating things they really shouldn’t. If it wasn’t for the amazing cuddles, head rubs and cute meows I’d probably have gone mad by now 😊 Here we have some great examples of their fascination with certain objects. I just feel sorry for the fly!

Record date – 27th June 2020 –

Naughty & Nice – Funny Bengal cats climbing, eating things & causing trouble

Bengal cats meowing, chirping, yowling – NOISY KITTIES! (part 2)

Back not with a whimper but a cacophony of Bengals talking (whining!). Your own pets will probably come running when they hear this, apologies, hehe. Join Rocket, Pixel & Sushi as they tell you all about their daily lives: Rocket whines about not having enough food, Sushi doesn’t appreciate loud noises and Pixel just wants to go out and come back in all the time. Sounds about normal.

Record date – 13th March 2018 –

Noisy Kitties (part 2)

Bengal cat fun – playing, fighting, straws & tents! (part 2/6)

In part 2 we have loads of tents, Rocket playing with straws (and generally being naughty) and Pixel in the scrunchy tunnel with a monkey (you’ll see!)

Record date – 17th September 2017 –

Bengal Fun (part 2)

Bengals on the beach! Pixel & Rocket at the seaside

What better way to spend your Sunday morning than getting up at 5am and taking the Bengals on a road trip?! Rocket & Pixel star in our latest adventure to the local ‘beach’ (it’s not exactly California lol). This was a first for both of them and after some initial trepidation they both settled in and started climbing – meowing all the time of course! Rocket doesn’t seem too bothered about getting his legs wet. We reckon next time he’ll be diving in. Little wet cat legs :)

Record date – 30th August 2015 –

Bengals on the beach

Bengal cat fun – talking, playing, ham, flies & birds! (part 1/6)

We have 6 videos lined up and in this part we have lots of meowing at seagulls, flies and ham (Rocket’s favourite food). I get to play ‘pin the sticker on the Bengal’ while Rocket runs off and hides from a surprise thunderclap. He also has an embarrassing incident at the dinner table…

Record date – 24th May 2017 –

Bengal Fun (part 1)

Bengal cat Pixel takes a walk in the woods

Pixel likes to explore and we have a number of forests and moorland nearby. In this video we take a short trek through a walking trail, find a little surprise and go for a paddle in a stream.

Record date – 18th March 2017
Short version:
Long version:

Pixel's Walk in the Woods

Bengal cats in slow motion – playing & wrestling acrobatics

Despite being sisters Pixel & Sushi often get into a good ol’ wrestling match! Capturing this on video can be a challenge given that they tend to run around at full speed or finish after just a few seconds. However from time to time they conveniently do it right in front of you and this time I had the slow motion setting ready to go :)

Record date – 26th November 2015 –

Bengal cats in slow motion

Bengal cats do the strangest things – Rocket gets into trouble

Rocket always comes running when he hears the rustle but this time it’s a bit embarrassing! Bengal cats can often be found doing strange things in strange places because they are so inquisitive. Items need to be tied down otherwise they go a’walking (Christmas is especially interesting).

Record date – 16th November 2015 –

Rocket gets stuck

Bengal kittens – high climbing cats get up to mischief

It seems to be the Bengal way to want to go higher! Two of the male kittens from the litter were climbers & shoulder cats and we thought our Pixel & Sushi were maybe less adventurous. However it didn’t take long before they were scanning nearby shelves and doors, working out how to climb. Bending down often meant you’d have a kitty on your back (especially Pixel). Small cats can get into a variety of places but they’ve settled on their comfy wall hammocks.

Record date – 18th April 2013 –

High Climbing Cats

Noisy Bengal cat Pixel doesn’t know she’s being filmed

Pixel & Sushi are always calling out to each other but they are more vocal when they are in heat. Here Pixel is looking for Sushi and making a racket… until she spots me filming in the hallway! Both have since been spayed and are much less yowly. You can see from the way she is walking that the swagger is more pronounced when in heat.

Record date – 6 April 2013 –

Noisy Bengal Pixel being spotted

OMG cat, what’s that smell?! Kittens using their scent organ

Pixel & Sushi don’t appreciate the scent and seem a little offended… they do this often however. Located in the roof of the mouth is the Vomeronasal organ which contains ducts that lead to the mouth and to the nose. This is essentially a scent analyzer. It’s used primarily for analyzing pheromones (scent chemicals) from other cats, especially the ones found in urine.

Record date – 6 April 2013 –

Sniff My Finger!

Bengal cat mischief – naughty Pixel tears up the carpet

Pixel enjoys thumping the edges of rugs with her back feet so it’s no surprise to find that when the stair carpet starts to loosen she is right there ‘helping’ to pull it all off. Thank you Pixel, do you know how much of a pain it is to keep fitting it?!

Record date – 30th August 2015 –

Pixel tears up the carpet

Getting used to a cat harness – Bengal cats go walking

Pixel & Sushi soon get used to their velcro harnesses (after a bit of drunken walking) and go for a trek outside. Putting them back in their carry case wasn’t so straightforward. At least we didn’t have to drag them!

Record date – 14th April 2013 –

walk like a cat

Bengal Cats in heat, kittens 4-5 months old

After the initial panic that Sushi had hurt her back legs we realised that she was just in heat. We didn’t expect this until 6 months old so it was a surprise & a relief. Unfortunately Pixel didn’t start until a little afterwards so she continued to sit on and wrestle Sushi :)

Record date – 14th April 2013 –

Bengal Cats In Heat

Meowing, chirping, trilling and yowling! Noisy Bengal cats talking

This video covers Pixel & Sushi from 6-18 months old and the various noises they make on a daily basis. I’m not sure I believe that cats don’t talk to each other as ours always seem to communicate. Sometimes it’s like two velociraptors skulking around the house! It’s one of early vids and it’s long but very popular :)

Record date – 20th July 2014 –

Noisy kitties

Playful kittens 9 months old & full of energy!

Pixel & Sushi have a new floor-to-ceiling climbing pole and feathered rods are great toys to burn off Bengal energy! Cue the mischief..

Record date – 18th August 2013 –

Playful kittens

The Trouble with Tents – Bengal cats playing & hiding

5 dollar tents prove to be one of the most entertaining of cat toys in the house! Unfortunately these Bengals shred them in no time and it’s amazing that the original blue tent has anything left to give. Well, there’s nothing a few (dozen) cable ties can’t fix. Watch Sushi give no ground to Pixel in the battle for ‘Big Blue’. Well, for a while at least.

Record date – 17th June 2015 –

The Trouble with Tents – Bengal cats playing & hiding

A new cat in the home – Snow Bengal kitten Hot Rocket

Rocket the Snow Bengal (Spotted Seal Lynx Point, blue eyes) comes home with us after a long trip from Springmeadow Bengals. Over the course of the first week you can see the move from initial trepidation to care-free jumping at the feathered rod.

At this point there had been only brief contact with our two existing Bengal girls, Pixel & Sushi, mostly by scent. We slowly introduced all three cats and used a scent diffuser to help calm any nerves and hoped that after a couple of weeks things would be fine. It was touch and go for a while but after around 6 weeks we felt that things were going to be OK- Phew!

Record date – 24th August 2014 –

Snow Bengal Rocket

9ft Scratch Pole – Bengal cats just love to climb

1 year on and finding the need to improve their play time, I built a 9ft tall floor-to-ceiling scratch post! It’s an excellent climbing feature and it completes the mad dash circuit that Pixel & Sushi use to chase each other. It took several hours to get it ready and then a tiring two hours to wrap about 160m of sisal rope – It was exhausting!

Record date – 14th January 2014 –

9ft tall scratch pole – Bengal cats just love to climb

Rocket becomes an adult (but acts like a teenager)

15 months old and completely bonkers, Rocket has certainly tested my patience! Pixel & Sushi were never this trouble but Rocket comes from a great pedigree of Bengal parents and is probably a little less ‘kitty’ as a result. Here is a quick video for the moment and features the plasma TV before he worked out he could climb it.. and scratch it : /

Record date – 30th May 2015 –

Rocket becomes an adult (but acts like a teenager)

Sushi’s sensitive nose – Bengal cats have a good sense of smell

I’m offended, I only just washed this cushion!
Sushi definitely has the most sensitive nose of our three Bengals. Whether it’s minty toothpaste 5ft away or cat cheeks that were rubbed up against things, she never fails to pick up on the scent. I think Rocket was previously sat on this cushion!

Record date – 17th June 2015 –

Sushi’s sensitive nose – Bengal cats have a good sense of smell

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